GISMO installation is quite similar to any other standard Moodle block. Once you have downloaded the file, decompress it, and follow the instructions that you may find in the README.txt file.


The requirements for Gismo are:

  • PHP v. 5.2 (it should work with previous versions of php if you install
    PECL JSON >=1.2.0, but we didn't test it).
  • Mysql v.4 (GISMO V.2) or any database supported by Moodle for GISMO V.3

NOTE: Gismo V.3 has been tested only with Mysql (v. 5.1.41) and PostgreSQL (v. 8.4.9)


  1. Copy the gismo folder into the moodle blocks directory (MOODLE_DOCUMENT_ROOT/blocks)
  2. Logon to moodle as administrator and visit the Notifications page

IMPORTANT: FIRST RUN OF THE DATA EXPORTER: Gismo needs to perform some computations on a regular basis. The purpose of this computation is to extract data from logs and derive some aggregated information. This computation is done on a daily basis by a script that, depending on the setting of your Moodle cron script and GISMO block configuration, runs during the night.
When you install the Gismo software the fist time, if you don't want to wait the next day to see the result, you can lunch this script by hand at this address: